New Associate Editors 2021

GRG welcomes new Editorial Board members

At General Relativity and Gravitation, Associate Editors play an important part in shaping the journal's scope and, most importantly, organizing the peer-review process of submissions. 

We are proud to work with a great Editorial Board formed by renowned experts from a wide range of gravitational research!

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In 2021, we are happy to welcome three new Associate Editors to the journal: 

Astrid Eichhorn, Sabino Matarrese, and Tania Regimbau

Astrid Eichhorn is an associate professor of theoretical physics in the Centre for Cosmology and Particle Physics Phenomenology (CP³-Origins) at the University of Southern Denmark (SDU) in Odense. Her research focus lies on various aspects of quantum gravity, including asymptotically safe gravity, tensor models, causal sets, the phenomenology of quantum gravity and its interplay with matter.

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Sabino Mattarese is a professor of theoretical cosmology in the department of physics and astronomy at the University of Padua, Italy. Hi research interests range from inflation in the early Universe, with emphasis on the generation of non-Gaussianity, to cosmic microwave background, gravitational-wave backgrounds and large-scale structures in the Universe, with the ultimate goal of probing theories of the early Universe and modified gravity. 

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Tania Regimbau is an astrophysicist at the Laboratoire d’Annecy de Physique des Particules, France. She is working in the field of gravitational waves, and is a member of the Virgo collaboration. Her main goal in the next years will be the detection of the GW background formed by all the unresolved compact binaries in the Universe, and then, with third generation detectors such as Einstein Telescope or Cosmic Explorer, its subtraction to observe the background from cosmological origin below.

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