Aims and scope

Surveys in Geophysics publishes refereed review articles on the physical, chemical and biological processes occurring within the Earth, on its surface, in its atmosphere and in the near-Earth space environment, including relations with other bodies in the solar system. Observations, their interpretation, theory and modelling are covered in papers dealing with any of the Earth and space sciences.

The papers present balanced and well constructed reviews of recent advances in areas of topical interest, written for the broad geophysical community, i.e. all Earth scientists having some background in science, especially physics, whether they are working in academia, government or industry. The nature and level of the review articles, which appear as soon as is practicable after the pioneering work that they describe, is such that researchers starting their careers will find them useful.

The subjects dealt with in Surveys in Geophysics comprise all areas covered by the AGU, EGU and IUGG - all aspects of the solid Earth, geodesy, oceans and atmosphere, meteorology and climate, hydrology, environmental issues, solar-terrestrial and space physics, plus the physics of the Moon and the terrestrial-type planets. The physics of the exploration for natural resources, including new methods and techniques of applied geophysics, natural hazards, biogeosciences and instrumentation are also covered, as are nonlinear processes. Novel diagrams are especially encouraged.

Readers of Surveys in Geophysics thus not only have available mature, thoughtful reviews of recent developments in their own field but also keep up to date in areas outside their own. The journal's breadth of coverage, both disciplinary and interdisciplinary, makes Surveys in Geophysics one of the leading specialist publications in the Earth and space sciences.