Special Issue – CFP: “Climate-Resilient Agri-Environmental Systems: A Holistic Approach to Mitigate Climate Change and Environmental Pressures”

This special issue seeks to combine creative and innovative ideas for testing and subsequent adoption of ways for attaining sustainability in agricultural production through a systems-based approach. This will take into account the need for coherent climate and environmental solutions, economically viable and socially acceptable options, and systems-based decision-support tools. Topics will cover climate change impacts, environmental degradation, GHG mitigation and sustainability issues for arable cropping systems, grassland systems and agro-silvo-pastoral systems.

Deadline for submissions: August 15, 2020.

Contact guest editors through International Symposium on Climate-Resilient Agri-Environmental Systems (ISCREAS 2020: www.iscraes2020.org) and follow submission guidelines for authors (https://www.springer.com/journal/10705/submission-guidelines) and the symposium organizer http://www.iscraes2020.org/abstract-submission/.

Ibrahim Khalil, Prudence College Dublin at GSustain and University College Dublin, Ireland, ibrahim.khalil@ucd.ie
Bruce Osborne, University College Dublin, Ireland,  bruce.osborne@ucd.ie