Published Special Issues

Special Issues 2020
Recent Advances in Fracture and Failure Mechanics
Guest-edited by Luis Távara, Israel García and Pilar Ariza

Special Issues 2019
Computational Approaches for the Modeling of Complex Crack Path and Patterns
Guest-edited by Michael Kaliske and Anna Pandolfi

Sandia Fracture Challenge 2017
Guest-edited by Sharlotte L.B. Kramer

Special Issues 2017
Integrated Computational Structure-Material Modeling of Deformation and Failure under Extreme Conditions
Guest-edited by Curt A. Bronkhorst and Somnath Ghosh

Computational Modeling of Material Deterioration at Various Length Scales
Guest-edited by Jeong-Hoon Song, Timon Rabczuk and Haim Waisman

Special Issues 2016
Sandia Fracture Challenge 2014
Guest-edited by Sharlotte L.B. Kramer

Ductile Failure and Localization
Guest-edited by Dirk Mohr and Krishnaswamy Ravi-Chandar

Defect and Material Mechanics
Guest-edited by Reinhold Kienzler

Special Issues 2015
Special Volume Celebrating 50 years of the International Journal of Fracture

Special Issues 2014
Sandia Fracture Challenge
Guest-edited by B.L. Boyce

Special Issues 2013
Fracture Phenomena in Nature and Technology
Guest-edited by D. Bigoni, A. Carini, M. Gei and A. Salvadori

Special Issues 2012
Computational Modeling of Fracture and Failure: From the Material to the Structure
Guest-edited by J. Oliver, M. Jirásek, O. Allix and N. Moës

Micromechanics of Defects in Solids
Guest-edited by M.P. Ariza