Call for Papers

Call for Papers: Special Issue - Worldviews and health-related stigma - Deadline: 16 October 2019

Special Issue FODA: Worldviews and health-related stigma

People with health-related stigma are frequently ostracised and isolated due to worldviews and beliefs surrounding their condition. Even more, in various countries, specific belief systems and worldviews often lie at the basis for violent discrimination towards people with a health-related stigma. The discrimination and violence towards people with albinism in Tanzania are a prime example of how worldviews and belief systems can have a devastating impact on everyday life. Worldviews and belief systems are foundational for the differentiation between what is considered normal and abnormal. This special issue delves into the way in which worldviews and belief systems inform our daily (de)humanising practices towards people with health-related stigma. We would like to invite contributions considering the relation between worldviews and health-related stigma. Indepth studies on the topic or case-studies are preferred. Topics may include (but are not limited to):

- The influence of worldviews on the differentiation between the normal and abnormal in daily life - The relation between worldviews and health-related stigma

- Methodological do’s and don’ts on research in worldviews and health-related stigma

- Fundamental scientific analysis of casework on health-related stigma and worldviews

All abstracts should be submitted by DATE and can be send through Editorial Manager - the online submission system of FODA.

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