Topical Collection: Editors' Choice

The papers listed below have been selected by the Editors of Fire Technology as best papers of 2021. They are added to the Topical Collection ‘Editors' Choice’ where the top 15 papers of each year are highlighted.

Congratulations to the authors of these great papers!

Multi-Wavelength Densitometer for Experimental Research on the Optical Characteristics of Smoke Layers

Framework for Post-Wildfire Investigation of Buildings: Integrating LiDAR Data and Numerical Modeling

Fire Hazard Analysis of Modern Vehicles in Parking Facilities

Environmentally Friendly Firefighting Foams Used to Fight Flammable Liquid Fire

Prototyping and Validating a Non-Immersive Virtual Reality Serious Game for Healthcare Fire Safety Training

Mechanistically Informed Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence in Fire Engineering and Sciences

Machine Vision Based Fire Detection Techniques: A Survey

Unannounced Evacuation Experiment in a High-Rise Hotel Building with Evacuation Elevators: A Study of Evacuation Behaviour Using Eye-Tracking

The Historical Narrative of the Standard Temperature–Time Heating Curve for Structures

Zonal-Based Emission Source Term Model for Predicting Particulate Emission Factors in Wildfire Simulations

From Social Science Research to Engineering Practice: Development of a Short Message Creation Tool for Wildfire Emergencies

Impact of Repeated Exposure and Cleaning on Protective Properties of Structural Firefighting Turnout Gear

Analysing Flammability Characteristics of Green Biocomposites: An Overview

Structural capacity of one-way spanning large-scale cross-laminated timber slabs in standard and natural fires

A Critical Appraisal of the UK’s Regulatory Regime for Combustible Façades