New Topical Collection: Editors' Choice

The papers listed below have been selected by the Editors of Fire Technology as having special significance. They also have been granted free access for eight weeks starting today. They are added to the new Topical Collection ‘Editors' Choice’ where the top 15 papers of each year are highlighted.

Congratulations to the authors of these great papers!

An Assessment of the Relationship Between Daylight Saving Time, Disruptions in Sleep Patterns and Dwelling Fires by Yiannis Kountouris 

Flame Spread Over Ultra-thin Solids: Effect of Area Density and Concurrent-Opposed Spread Reversal Phenomenon by Anthony Vetturini, Wohan Cui, Ya-Ting Liao, Sandra Olson & Paul Ferkul 

From Social Science Research to Engineering Practice: Development of a Short Message Creation Tool for Wildfire Emergencies, by Jessica L. Doermann, Erica D. Kuligowski & James Milke 

Video Flame and Smoke Based Fire Detection Algorithms: A Literature Review by Anshul Gaur, Abhishek Singh, Anuj Kumar, Ashok Kumar & Kamal Kapoor 

20 Dwelling Large-Scale Experiment of Fire Spread in Informal Settlements by N. de Koker, R. S. Walls, A. Cicione, Z. R. Sander, S. Löffel, J. J. Claasen, S. J. Fourie, L. Croukamp & D. Rush 

Model Considerations for Fire Scene Reconstruction Using a Bayesian Framework by Andrew Kurzawski, Jan-Michael Cabrera & Ofodike A. Ezekoye

Performance of Combustible Facade Systems with Glass, ACP and Firestops in Full-Scale, Real Fire Experiments by Gaurav Srivastava, Dharmit Nakrani & Chinmay Ghoroi 

Thermally-Induced Failure of Smoke Alarms by Geraldine Martin, Haavard Boehmer & Stephen M. Olenick

A Review of Battery Fires in Electric Vehicles by Peiyi Sun, Roeland Bisschop, Huichang Niu & Xinyan Huang

Individual Driving Behaviour in Wildfire Smoke by Niklas Wetterberg, Enrico Ronchi & Jonathan Wahlqvist 

Analysis of the Thermomechanical Response of Structural Cables Subject to Fire by Panagiotis Kotsovinos, Athina Atalioti, Neil McSwiney, Francesca Lugaresi, Guillermo Rein & Adam J. Sadowski

Full-Scale Experimental Study on the Combustion Behavior of Lithium Ion Battery Pack Used for Electric Vehicle by Huang Li, Wen Peng, Xulai Yang, Haodong Chen, Jinhua Sun & Qingsong Wang

Regulatory Controls for Buildings in Wildfire-Prone Areas of Australia by G. Baker, A. Webb & P. Whiting

The Variability of Critical Mass Loss Rate at Auto-Extinction by Snorri Már Arnórsson, Rory M. Hadden & Angus Law

Wildland-Urban Interface Fires in Spain: Summary of the Policy Framework and Recommendations for Improvement by Elsa Pastor, Juan Antonio Muñoz, David Caballero, Alba Àgueda, Ferran Dalmau & Eulàlia Planas