Special Issues


EJLE considers for publication special issues and symposia that will advance the scholarly debate by providing focal points, by discussing neglected topics, by disentangling specific issues, etc. Please submit the proposal to Anandhi Sankar (Anandhi.Sankar[at]springer[dot]com).

Every proposal shall be prepared according to the instructions below and it shall be clearly focused around a specific topic. Please note that the EJLE does not publish the proceedings of conferences and workshops. The submitted proposal will be reviewed by the regular editors. Changes can be suggested and, once accepted, the final proposal will thus be the outcome of a joint agreement between guest editor(s) and the editors in chief of the journal.


It is important that the symposium/special issue has a well-defined theme around to which the articles revolve. Also, and of all evidence, the proposal must relate to law and economics. In this respect any proposal submitted should include a brief description of the relevance of the project for law and economics and for EJLE.


In general a proposal shall include a description of the theme, the name and a CV of the guest-editor(s), a list of contributors who have agreed to submit a contribution to the symposium or special issue, tentative titles of the articles and a planned schedule.

The number and size of the articles cannot exceed the number and size of a regular issue of EJLE. The guest-editor(s) should communicate any necessary details, including length, to the authors before the articles are sent to the journal.

Each symposium/special issue should include a foreword which will give an overview of the issue and which may provide background common to all the articles.

The final date of publication however will depend on the general publication schedule of EJLE.


The papers directed to the symposium/special issue have to be submitted electronically to EJLE through the editorial manager of the journal, selecting the appropriate label that will be given by the editors. Each contribution will be evaluated as a regular submission by at least 2 reviewers. Guest-editors have the responsibility to select referees, in coordination with the editors-in-chief. Only papers that meet the regular standards of the journal will be accepted. Please note that any article that is not of publishable quality shall be rejected. The editors of EJLE may help to find referees and reviewers if needed. Moreover they retain the residual control on the overall quality.