Call for Papers: Health Risks from Infectious Diseases in a Changing Climate

The outbreak of coronavirus-induced infectious diseases has seriously threatened public health in the 21st century. During 2002-2003, the emergency of SARS caused 8,098 infection cases; in 2012, the outbreak of MERS-CoV resulted in 2519 infection cases and 866 associated fatalities. Currently, COVID-19 is rapidly spreading around the world and has triggered a global public health emergency. Facing the increasingly severe risks, however, the causes, sources, many-sided impacts and effective containment of infectious disease as well as the interaction between environment, climate, infectious disease and public health remain unclear, for example:
•    Do changes in environmental and climate systems affect the outbreak of emerging infectious diseases, and how?
•    How to quickly identify the potential risk of infectious diseases? How to effectively prevent, alleviate, or contain the spread of infectious diseases? 
•    How will the outbreak of infectious diseases and the implementation of various control measures affect public health, economic output, anthropogenic emissions, and global environment and climate change?

To respond to both the current COVID-19 pandemic and potentially emerging infectious diseases in the future, this Special Issue will focus on the causes, sources, impacts, control of infectious disease, and interactions between environment, climate, infectious diseases and public health, with an aim to provide the latest developments and improve the understanding of these issues to the scientific community.
Specific topics include (but not limited to)
•    Impacts of changes in global environmental, ecological and climate systems on the outbreak of emerging infectious diseases
•    Strategies or measures to reduce the invasion of ecological environment and guard against the emergence of infectious diseases
•    Monitoring, surveillance and early-warning of the possible outbreak of infectious diseases and the identification of vulnerable regions, communities and populations
•    Numerical simulation and prediction of the spread of infectious diseases
•    Strategies, measures or protective products to slow down or contain the spread of infectious diseases between countries, regions, cities, communities and populations
•    Wide-spread impacts of infectious diseases and the countermeasures implemented on the socio-economy, public health, anthropogenic pollutant and GHG emissions, and ecological environment over the short, middle and long terms
•    Integrated assessment and optimization of various type of epidemic prevention and containment measures
•    Health recovery and secondary risk management after infectious diseases

If you’re interested in contributing to this special issue, please submit your article here:  If you have any questions, please contact the publishing editor Sherestha Saini (email: or editor-in-chief Dr. Ming Wong (Email: You can also discuss your paper’s scope with the guest editors listed below:

Guest Editors: 

Dr. David Huang
George Washington University,Harbin Institute of Technology (Shenzhen)

Dr. Jingjing Jiang
Harbin Institute of Technology (Shenzhen)

Dr. Bin Ye
Southern University of Science and Technology

Important Dates:
First submission date: April 1, 2020
Paper submission deadline: October 31, 2020
Final decision notification: December 31, 2020
Publication: April - Jun 2021