Free Access to most popular papers Educational Studies in Mathematics

The following papers will be free for downloading until May 31, 2021. They were selected because they were the most popular publications within Educational Studies in Mathematics that were not already open access.

A study regarding the spontaneous use of geometric shapes in young children’s drawings
José Domingo Villarroel and Olga Sanz Ortega 

Professional competencies of (prospective) mathematics teachers—cognitive versus situated approaches
Gabriele Kaiser, Sigrid Blömeke, Johannes König, Andreas Busse, Martina Döhrmann & Jessica Hoth

Teachers’ pedagogical content knowledge and mathematics achievement of students in Peru
Santiago Cueto, Juan León, M. Alejandra Sorto & Alejandra Miranda 

Explicating mathematical concept and mathematicalconception as theoretical constructs for mathematics education research
Martin A. Simon 

Mathematical competencies revisited
Mogens Niss & Tomas Højgaard