Economic Change and Restructuring is currently inviting proposals for special issues.

A proposed special issue may address any topics in line with the journal’s aims and scope. Proposals related to climate change or the Sustainable Development Goals are particularly welcome.

Economic Change and Restructuring is a quarterly peer reviewed journal. The journal aims at encouraging and disseminating high-quality research both theoretical and empirical, on all economic and policy aspects of transitional and emerging economies. The journal welcomes proposals on innovative approaches for economic analysis and policymaking for the development and integration of economies under economic change and restructuring. A partial list of topics includes macroeconomic analysis, fiscal issues, finance and banking, industrial and trade development, and regional and local development issues.
Economic Change and Restructuring has just been accepted for the Social Science Citation Index and will receive its first impact factor in 2020.

A proposal for a special issue should have a well-defined theme and should include: a) tentative title, b) guest editor(s) and affiliation(s), c) proposal, explaining the scope and significance of the proposed theme, d) list of potential contributors, affiliations, article titles and abstracts, e) proposed time-plan and f) any additional information (e.g. relevant conferences). We propose 5 to 6 articles for the Special Issue but this may vary depending on the topic and the length of the papers.

Once the proposal has been accepted by the Editor in Chief of the Journal, it will be the responsibility of the Guest Editor(s) to proceed within the agreed time-plan. The papers for the selected proposal should be submitted online. Each paper will undergo a regular peer review process.

Please submit your proposal to the Editor-in-Chief, Prof. George Hondroyiannis,