Call for Papers: Fish Movement: molecules, models and migration

We are pleased to announce a Special issue of Environmental Biology of Fishes on "Fish Movement: molecules, models and migration".

We invite submissions of manuscripts related to any aspect of movement of any fish species. This special issue will go beyond the conventional emphasis on migratory movements of individual fish. We want to integrate information at every scale of research, from genomics to theoretical models and landscape ecology. Our understanding of fish movement has important practical as well as theoretical aspects in fields as diverse as fisheries management, conservation, behavioral ecology, evolutionary biology, and genomics.

Authors can submit manuscripts to be considered for this special issue by clicking on the Submit manuscript button and using the Editorial Manager procedure on the journal website. At the time of submission authors will be asked if their manuscript belongs to a Special Issue upon which they can select ‘Fish Movement: molecules, models and migration’.

Deadline for submission of manuscripts to be considered for the Special Issue is 30 January 2021.

All manuscripts will be considered on their own merits for review and eventual rejection or acceptance following standard journal procedures. Individual manuscripts will be published electronically online as soon as they are accepted. All accepted manuscripts will then be assembled and published as the Special Issue in May 2021.