Call for Papers for a Special Issue: Green Deal, Energy Transition and Decarbonization

Recently the EU has presented the European Green New Deal in order to fight the climate crisis. Its main goal is to define a new growth strategy that aims to transform the EU into a fair and prosperous society, with a modern, resource-efficient and competitive economy in which net emissions of greenhouse gases are eliminated by 2050 and economic growth is decoupled from resource use. In order to reach this goal, different policies should be adopted and several improvements achieved, also through research and development investments.

Addressing these challenges will involve transitions to new low-carbon energy carriers and improvements in energy efficiency. When developing scenarios and policies, we can also learn from past energy transitions and large-scale changes in energy use and the economy. The context in which the green deal could develop, is characterized by dynamic context and strong uncertainty, therefore this two features must be taken into account in the economic research.

This Special Issue will focus on how energy sectors should constantly adapt to continuously changing geopolitical, economic, technological and social conditions and how adaptation and mitigation behaviours can be strategically useful to face the climate problem taking also heterogeneous environmental attitudes and policies into account. The main technical approach that should be adopted is a theoretical dynamic approach with focus on uncertainty and integration with data and examples, when possible and also empirical micro or macro founded papers.

The Special Issue seeks to publish novel research and reflect the most recent advances on the latest contributions on the above areas, covering new modeling techniques and formulations, as well as innovative case studies. Contributions will be selected through a refereeing process consistent with the standard reviewing process of the Environmental and Resource Economics journal. Only original contributions of the highest quality will be included. This Special Issue should be of benefit to policy-makers and researchers worldwide, wherever there is a need to overcome challenges, design policy options, strive for new technological breakthroughs and seek investment opportunities towards a new era of energy transition.

We invite contributions on the following topics including but not limited to:

- Carbon pricing
- Economics of Climate Change
- Emission Trading Systems
- Decarbonization
- Discounting the future
- Economic growth and environmental degradation
- Economics of exhaustible and renewable resources
- Environmental policies, strategic adoption of technologies and ecoinnovation
- Environmental game theoretical modelling
- Experimental methods applied to environmental problems
- Uncertainty, investments and new green technologies
- Theoretical work on decision making and environmental regulation under uncertainty

Guest editors: 
Sergio Vergalli 

Department of Economics and Management
University of Brescia, Italy

Simone Borghesi
Department of Political and International Sciences
University of Siena, Italy

How to submit:

Manuscripts should be original and written in English. Submission requires that the manuscript has not been submitted for review or publication elsewhere and that it will not be submitted elsewhere while the review process is underway. All papers go through peer-review by at least two experts.

Papers should be submitted online via Please indicate that your manuscript belongs to the ‘Green Deal, Energy Transition and Decarbonization’ special issue in the ‘Additional Information’ tab during the submission process.

Details about the preparation of the manuscript can be obtained from the journal's webpage at

Deadline for submission:

31 January 2021