Call for Papers for SIMAI 2020+2021: Large-scale Optimization and Applications

Computational Optimization and Applications is seeking submissions to a forthcoming Special Issue for SIMAI 2020+2021: Large-scale Optimization and Applications. 

The 2020+2021 edition of the congress of the Italian Society of Industrial and Applied Mathematics (SIMAI), hosted at the University of Parma “aims to bring together researchers and professionals from academia and industry who are active in the study of mathematical and numerical models as well as their application to industrial and in general real life problems, to stimulate interdisciplinary research in applied mathematics and to foster interactions of the scientific community with industry”.  As in the past editions of the conference, a number of minisymposia will be dedicated to the computational aspects of numerical optimization, that has always been a very active research field with countless applications in all areas of science and technology for the standard problems of planning and/or improving the design and performances of processes in industry or management. In addition to that, lately, the growing availability of large datasets has stimulated researchers to introduce some novel optimization algorithms capable of working in the big data setting. 

The aim of the COAP special issue devoted to the SIMAI 2020+2021 conference, is to present a collection of high-quality research papers that report the latest research advances in numerical optimization, and their application in real world applications. Hopefully this will provide a snapshot, of course not exhaustive, of recent trends in the field and will stimulate discussions, in particular, on how advances in numerical optimization are connected to their applications in the data mining processes. 

Submission Guidelines

Papers can be submitted to the special issue through COAP’s web page: 

Hit the link entitled “Submit New Manuscript.” In the section of the submission process entitled “Additional Information,” there is the following question: “Are you submitting this manuscript to a Special Issue.” Hit the “Yes” button, and then in the Special Issue box, select “S.I.: SIMAI 2020.” Then hit “Proceed” to complete the submission process. The deadline for submission to this special issue is October 5, 2021".