Call for Papers on Optimal Control of Nonlinear Differential Equations

Computational Optimization and Applications is seeking submissions to a forthcoming Special Issue on Optimal Control of Nonlinear Differential Equations.

Optimal control problems are optimization problems where the optimization variable, the control, enters the functional to be minimized indirectly, through the system dynamics, which could be either an ordinary or a partial differential equation. Such problems have a wide array of applications in science, engineering, economics, industry, and manufacturing. Optimal control problems are challenging both analytically and numerically due to the need for choosing the correct functional-analytic framework, which is reflected in the computational realization.

The special issue will focus on problems where the system dynamics is described by a nonlinear equation, such as the Navier-Stokes equations. Problems with nonlinear dynamics are often challenging and may require a problem-adapted approach. The aim of this special issue is to present recent advances in computational methods for nonlinear optimal control problems and their uses in real-world applications. The scope includes, but is not limited to,

  • numerical analysis of, in particular, adaptive discretizations,
  • model reduction,
  • augmented Lagrangian and SQP-type methods, and
  • globalization strategies.

Relevant applications include

  • fluid flows,
  • elastic deformations with material or geometric nonlinearities,
  • nonlinear models for heating or cooling,
  • coupled reaction–diffusion systems,
  • feedback and delay equations,
  • nonlinear wave equations and superconductivity, and
  • quantum systems.

The special issue is on the occasion of the 70th birthday of Fredi Tröltzsch, who has many influential contributions related to the above topics.

Submission Guidelines

Papers can be submitted to the special issue through COAP’s web page:

Hit the link entitled “Submit New Manuscript.” In the section of the submission process entitled “Additional Information,” there is the following question: “Are you submitting this manuscript to a Special Issue.” Hit the “Yes” button, and then in the Special Issue box, select “S.I.: Optimal control of nonlinear differential equations.” Then hit “Proceed” to complete the submission process. The deadline for submission to this special issue is December 31, 2020.