Call for Papers: Special Issue on AI-Empowered Future Applications: Intelligent Applications across Industries

Guest Editors:

  • Dr. Shadi AlZuā€™bi, Al Zaytoonah University of Jordan, Jordan. Email: 
  • Dr Maysam Abbod,  Brunel University London, The United Kingdom
  • Prof. Farshad Fotouhi, Wayne State University, Detroit, USA

Recently, machine learning and artificial intelligence techniques have been growing rapidly. Day by day, many intelligent applications are being implemented. Machine learning applications in healthcare, finance, retail, travel, and media are just examples of the most common applications across various business domains. The intelligent behavior provided by these smart applications makes machine learning systems increasingly important for autonomous real-time analysis and decision making in domains that have wealth of data. However, securing ML and AI techniques are difficult, which causes the inborn weakness of intelligent systems across industries, and leads to possible oppositional threats in such systems.The contributions of the fusion learning enhance the consistency, accuracy, and efficiency in most of the intelligent systems environments. Machine learning techniques is used within intelligent systems to improve their connectivity and to increase the network capacity, hence, supporting Quality of Service (QoS), network availability, and ease of use.The goal of this special issue is to bring forward the recent advancements in machine learning in context of intelligent applications across industries. Furthermore, it expects novel contributions into the state-of-the-art use of intelligent methodologies across several industries such as healthcare, finance, retail, travel, and media. This special issue is intended for inviting original works related to the machine learning trends and innovations in the field of AI-empowered future applications across industries. Topics of interest include but are not restricted to: Machine Learning Applications in HealthcareMachine Learning Applications in FinanceMachine Learning Applications in RetailMachine Learning Applications in TravelMachine Learning Applications in MediaMachine Learning Applications in AgricultureCybersecurity for Trusted Machine LearningAI-enabled Defense Methodologies and TechniquesDefense Strategy against Malicious Attackers in Deep LearningDependable Machine Learning Algorithms in Challenging SettingsAttack against the Availability, Integrity, and Privacy of Intelligent SystemsCompetition for Industrial Intelligent SystemsMachine learning techniques for resource management in edge computing Energy efficient machine learning techniques in IoT environments Deep learning for vehicular communications SubmissionManuscripts and extended versions of papers presented at related conferences are welcome. Submissions must not be currently under review for publication elsewhere. Conference papers may be submitted only if they are completely re-written or substantially extended (more than 50%), and it must be properly referenced. All submitted papers will be peer-reviewed using the normal standards of this journal, and accepted based on quality, originality, novelty, and relevance to the theme of the special section. By submitting a paper to this issue, the authors agree to referee one paper (if asked) within the time frame of the special issue. Important dates:Manuscript submission deadline: 15 December 2021Notification due: 28 February 2022Tentative publication date: Q2, 2022 (determined by the Editor-in-Chief)