Call for the topical collection on Weather Attribution

Weather event attribution is now coming to the fore, sometimes under the rubric of "forensic attribution" - to estimate the contribution of climate change to detected extreme weather events that are appearing around the globe with increasing frequency and severity.  It combines work at the cutting edge of climate change research and draws a high level of interest from the media, policy makers, and authors of opinion pieces across many venues.  Careful attribution during the teachable moments within a short time after an event, when it is the product of high quality research, can bring clarity to a complex question, can be of high educational value, and is now technically feasible for a diverse range of events.  Rapid publication of peer reviewed research on attribution is thus of high scientific and societal value.  Recognizing the limited availability of opportunities for rapid publication of this work in peer review journals, Climatic Change is excited to announce a new venture - a regular section of our publications focused entirely on articles about event attribution with rigorous accounting of confidence.  

Open for submissions

Responsible editor:

Danny Harvey, University of Toronto