Aims and scope

Celestial Mechanics and Dynamical Astronomy is an international journal that is concerned with the broadest range of celestial mechanics and its applications, as well as with peripheral fields. The articles published include treatments of the 
  • mathematical, physical and computational aspects of planetary theory,
  • lunar theory,
  • general and special perturbation theory,
  • ephemerides,
  • resonance theory,
  • geodesy of the Earth and the planets,
  • dynamics,
  • the 3-body problem,
  • the n-body problem,
  • space mechanics,
  • ring systems,
  • galactic dynamics,
  • reference frames, time, relativity,
  • nongravitational forces,
  • computer methods,
  • computer languages for analytical developments, 
  • database management. 
Celestial Mechanics and Dynamical Astronomy is the journal of record in its area and indispensable to all libraries in the main areas covered by the journal, namely Dynamical Astronomy (Astronomy), Astrodynamics (Space Dynamics) and Dynamical Systems (Mathematics).