Biomedical Microdevices' Gallery of Covers

Each issue, Biomedical Microdevices features a visually striking figure or image on its cover. To further highlight this, we will be collecting them here.

September 2022


Figure taken from:

A PDMS-based microneedle array electrode for long-term ECG recording
By Renxin Wang, Jianxin Bai, Xiaohang Zhu, Zhaodong Li, Lixia Cheng, Guojun Zhang & Wendong Zhang 

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June 2022


Figure taken from:

Measurement of dielectric properties of cells at single-cell resolution using electrorotation
By Yuwen Li, Can Huang, Song-I Han & Arum Han

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March 2022


Cover designed by the Editors-in-Chief, Professors Alessandro Grattoni and Arum Han.

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Original Cover (Used for all issues 1998-2021)

BMMD Cover 1998-2021

Original art by Bruno d'Arcevia.

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