This section includes papers that provide information on complete alien floras or faunas of large regions, such as countries, with clearly described criteria used to assess the species’ status as casual, naturalized, or invasive. The papers typically contain information on the structure of the studied alien flora or fauna, in terms of geographic origin, life histories, invaded habitat, time of introduction or introduction pathways, accompanied by an analysis of basic patterns of alien species richness, diversity, or impacts, as well as factors underlying variation in these characteristics. Full species lists with relevant available information must be published with the paper as electronic supplementary material.

Enjoy reading these published Alien Floras and Faunas papers:

Alien Floras and Fauna 9 – 2021
The alien flora of Sudan and South Sudan: taxonomic and biogeographical composition
Authors: Ali Omer, Maha Kordofani, Haytham H. Gibreel, Petr Pyšek & Mark van Kleunen

Alien Floras and Fauna 8 – 2021
Alien ants (Hymenoptera: Formicidae) in Mexico: the first database of records
Authors: Madai Rosas-Mejía, Benoit Guénard & Milan Janda and 5 more

Alien Floras and Fauna 7 – Vol 23-2
Naturalised plants transform the composition and function of the New Zealand flora
Authors: A.J. Brandt, P.J. Bellingham & D.A. Peltzer and 10 more

Alien Floras and Fauna 6 – Vol 22-10
Weeds in the land of Gross National Happiness: Knowing what to manage by creating a baseline alien plant inventory for Bhutan
Authors: Dorjee, Stephen Barry Johnson, Anthony John Buckmaster & Paul Owen Downey

Alien Floras and Fauna 5 – Vol 22-3
Non-native mollusks throughout South America: emergent patterns in an understudied continent
Authors: Gustavo Gustavo Darrigran, Ignacio Agudo-Padrón & Cristina Damboerenea and 19 more

Alien Floras and Fauna 4 – Vol 21-10
Alien plants, animals, fungi and algae in Norway: an inventory of neobiota
Authors: Hanno Sandvik, Dag Dolmen & Lisbeth Gederaas and 33 more

Alien Floras and Fauna 3 – Vol 21-3
Naturalized and invasive alien flora of Ghana
Authors: Michael Ansong, Jan PerglFranz EsslMartin HejdaMark van KleunenRod Randall, and Petr Pyšek 

Alien Floras and Fauna 2 – Vol 20-8
Invasive alien plants of Russia: insights from regional inventories
Authors: Yulia Vinogradova, Jan Pergl, Franz Essl, Martin Hejda, Mark van Kleunen

Alien Floras and Fauna 1 – Vol 20-6
Naturalized alien flora of the Indian states: biogeographic patterns, taxonomic structure and drivers of species richness
Authors: by Inderjit, Jan Pergl, Mark van Kleunen, Martin Hejda, Cherukuri Raghavendra Babu, Sudipto Majumdar, Paramjit Singh, Surendra Pratap Singh, Sugali Salamma, Boyina Ravi Prasad Rao, and Petr Pyšek

Alien Floras and Fauna Editorial – Vol 20-6
Introducing “Alien Floras and Faunas”, a new series in Biological Invasions
Authors: Petr Pyšek, Laura A. Meyerson, and Daniel Simberloff