The Elton Review series in Biological Invasions is named in recognition of Charles Elton, whose 1958 monograph, The Ecology of Invasions by Animals and Plants, called attention to the scope and impacts of invasions. These invited in-depth reviews are written by leading scientists engaged in exciting, groundbreaking research, and we encourage a personal perspective with provocative discussion. Although relevant older work should be discussed, an Elton Review should be less an exercise in literature documentation and rather a forum for synthesizing and presenting ideas to advance the field. A typical Elton Review is 6000 - 8000 words long, with up to 150 references and 8 figures. Prospective authors should contact the Editor-in-Chief about suitability of proposed topics.

Enjoy reading these published Elton Reviews:

Elton Review 6 – Vol 22-5
Plant invasions in New Zealand: global lessons in prevention, eradication and control
Author: Philip E. Hulme

Elton Review 5 – Vol 22-4
Colonization pressure: a second null model for invasion biology
Authors: Tim Blackburn, Phillip Cassey, and Richard P. Duncan

Elton Review  – Vol 20-8
Where vectors collide: the importance of mechanisms shaping the realized niche for modeling ranges of invasive Aedes mosquitoes
Authors: L. Philip Lounibos and Steven A. Juliano

Elton Review 4 – Vol 20-2
When does invasive species removal lead to ecological recovery? Implications for management success Authors: Kirsten M. Prior, Damian C. Adams, Kier D. Klepzig, and Jiri Hulcr

Elton Review 3 – Vol 19-11
Biological invasions in forest ecosystem
Authors: Andrew M. Liebhold, Eckehard G. Brockerhoff, Susan Kalisz, Martin A. Nuñez, David A. Wardle, and Michael J. Wingfield

Elton Review 2 – Vol 19-5
Plant invasion science in protected areas: progress and priorities
Authors: Llewellyn C. Foxcroft, Petr Pyšek, David M. Richardson, Piero Genovesi, and Sandra MacFadyen

Elton Review 1 – Vol 19-4
Early bird catches the worm: germination as a critical step in plant invasion
Authors: Margherita Gioria, and Petr Pyšek

Elton Review Editorial – Vol 19-4
Introducing “The Elton Reviews,” a new series in biological invasions
Authors: Laura A. Meyerson, and Daniel Simberloff