Call for Papers: Special Issue on Intelligent Software-Driven Autonomous Systems


In general, Software architectures are remaining as the basic structures for developing any software systems. Nowadays, the software systems are greatly influenced by the Artificial Intelligence [AI] models like deep learning, pattern recognition, and many more to make the appropriate adaptation and control in the software architecture. Such, intelligent software systems are becoming increasingly integral parts of many autonomous systems like the Internet of Things [IoT], cyber-physical systems, and so on. The most important concern of this special issue is on the software-driven intelligent autonomous system. With the increasing autonomy requirements, developing an efficient software becomes a very challenging task to adapt towards the integration of increasing functional complexity, application heterogeneity, secured connectivity, and real-time functional safety.

In the aforementioned perspective, the software engineering researchers are more and more considered on the construction, design, development, evolution, and deployment of deep learning driven intelligent software architecture for various applications like wireless information systems, automotive systems, telecommunication models and business systems with a particular emphasis on software systems, architecture, and applications. As different ICT-related technologies emerge, the autonomy of software systems require increasing research importance. On the other hand, the developers should also be stringent on the flexibility, reliability, adaptability, and performance efficiency of the software-driven autonomous systems.

To overcome the complexities of software-driven autonomous systems, it is substantial to integrate the efforts of basic software engineering research and recent computer and communication systems that are well backed by significant theories and mathematical models. The development of intelligent software-driven autonomous systems bridges the gap between software domain and system engineers, which later on results in a new field called safety validation and verification to investigate. This special issue aims to explore the integration of emerging AI-based software architectures in computer and communication systems to enhance its functional adaptability, autonomy, safety, and quality management.

List of Potential Topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Multi-agent software systems and engineering
  • Intelligent software architecture design and analysis
  • Security and safety of software-driven autonomous systems
  • Software deployment experiences for multiple autonomous systems
  • Intelligent software for system integration in autonomous models
  • Intelligent software architecture issues for autonomous systems
  • Autonomous and distributed software systems
  • Reliability and adaptability of software-driven autonomous systems
  • Scalability and performance analysis of intelligent software architectures
  • Design, implementation, and analysis of software architectures
  • Security and quality management solutions 
  • Software-driven autonomous systems of systems
  • Service-oriented software-driven autonomous systems
  • Software modeling and verification in autonomous systems


Manuscript submission: July 30, 2021

Acceptance Notification: August 30, 2021

Revised Manuscript Due: September 20, 2021


Dr. V. Suma

Dean, Research and Industry Incubation Center

Department of Information Science and Engineering, 

Dayananda Sagar College of Engineering,

Bangalore, India.

Dr. Zubair Baig

School of Information Technology,

Deakin University Geelong, VIC, Australia.

Dr. Fuqian Shi

Rutgers University

New Brunswick, USA.