Topical Collections

The journal Aquaculture International publishes the following Topical Collections:

What is a Topical Collection?
This is a continuous collection of papers. Similar to regular papers, manuscripts included will be published online first and included in the print issues. In contrast to Special Issue papers, where the first paper has to wait for the last accepted manuscript, Topical Collection papers are available online with the first paper accepted. Publication is thus not delayed. Publication in a Topical Collection provides an additional possibility to draw the attention of the audience to an article. All manuscripts are pre-screened by the Topical Collection Editors and the Editorial Board and reviewed by at least two external experts.

How to submit?
Submit your article to one of the Topical Collections via Editorial Manager or by clicking on the Submit manuscript button on the home page of Aquaculture International. During submission you will be asked if you are submitting to a Topical Collection.

Find out about the already published articles in these collections.