Aims and scope

The international journal of Applied Intelligence provides a medium for publishing scientific research and technological achievements accomplished by the international community. The focus of the journal is towards research advances on new and innovative intelligent systems’ methodologies and their applications in solving real life complex problems. The areas of research include natural language and speech interfaces, intelligent robotics, learning methodologies, intelligent decision support systems, evolutionary computing, genetic programming, heuristic methods, intelligent searching, agents, optimization, neural networks, mining data and patterns, cognitive interaction, knowledge-based reasoning, modeling, planning and scheduling, classification and clustering, computer vision, fuzzy logic and control, games, smart graphics, fault diagnosis, pattern recognition, bio-informatics, uncertain information processes, big data & streaming data, feature selection, advances in social network systems, recommender systems, use of distributed and parallel processing and E-service personalization, as well as other hot topics.

The journal addresses issues involving research on intelligent manufacturing, privacy preserving systems, risk analysis, knowledge based management, modern techniques to improve health-care systems, methods to assist government, and solving industrial problems which are too complex to be solved through conventional approaches. The integration of multiple intelligent approaches in solving complex real life problems is of particular importance.

The emphasis of the reported research work is on new, original, and innovative research and technological developments rather than reports on the application of existing technologies to different sets of data. Researchers have started addressing multidisciplinary real and complex research solutions to complex problems, like on-line health care prediction systems, communication through speech, automatic programming, and dynamic change prediction systems in stock markets, privacy, and risk analysis. The journal welcomes such developments and functions as a catalyst in disseminating the original and innovative research and technological achievements of the international community in these challenging research areas.