Book Reviews

The format required for a book review published in Agriculture and Human Values:

Your review should be between 800 and 1,000 words, on a topic that is relevant for our journal. 

Submit your review at  Each submission will have front matter, the actual review, and possibly references (each described below).  Please follow carefully the capitalization, spacing and fonts prescribed in the example, to avoid repeat submissions and resubmissions.

Front Matter Format:

Mary Smith and John Jones: The title of the book in appropriate lack of capitalization

 XXX Press, City, State/Country, 2020, 999 pp, ISBN [include number]

Your M. Name

Author Biography

Your M. Name is [for example] Professor of Food Science with the Something or Other Extension Program at Southern State University in Suchandsuch, NC.  Her interests include the effects of earthworms on people’s feelings of security.

Your M. Name (email)

Department of Some Discipline, Southern State University, P. O. Box 999999, Suchandsuch, NC, 27420 USA


Review Format:

The review itself should be well written and clear, well organized and succinct.  We welcome assessments of the quality of the book, its broader utility, and appropriate audiences, though we are open to a variety of other approaches.

We normally use

New Times Roman 12 font,  Indent the first line of paragraphs 0.5”, Do not justify the right margin,Indicate page numbers for quotations like this [‘(p. 4)’]If references are needed, use the examples listed below, and cite as (Colfer 1999) in the text.

Examples of Style used for Reference List:

Anglen, Robert. 2018. “‘Buy local’ food labels deceive customers
nationwide.” AZ Central.
-network-fnds/389155002/. Accessed 13 March 2018Boggs, Grace Lee. 1998. Living for Change: An Autobiography.
Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press.Freedman, D. A., N. Vaudrin, C. Schneider, E. Trapl, P. Ohri-Vachaspati, M. Taggart, M. A. Cascio, C. Walsh, and S. Flocke. 2016.
Systematic review of factors influencing farmers’ market use
overall and among low-income populations. Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics 116 (7): 1136–1155.

You can find additional examples in any issue of Agriculture and Human Values.