Aims and scope

Agriculture and Human Values is the official journal of the Agriculture, Food, and Human Values Society.

Since World War II, agricultural production systems and food consumption patterns have undergone astonishing changes. Agricultural research, combined with high input, capital intensive, and trade-based applications, has expanded the productive capacity of the world's farms tremendously.

However, serious questions have been raised about the sustainability of industrial agricultural and food systems, about the criteria for judging the risks and benefits of chemical and biological technologies, about food safety, about the poor's entitlement to food in developed and developing countries, and about who will farm in the future and how. The Agriculture, Food, and Human Values Society is an organization of professionals dedicated to an open and free discussion of these and other related issues and to an understanding of the values that shape and the structures that underlie alternative visions of current and future food and agricultural systems. Agriculture and Human Values is the official journal of the Society. Like the Society, it seeks to create educational and scholarly discussions across the humanities, the social sciences, food and nutrition studies, and the agricultural disciplines, and to promote an ethical, social and ecological understanding of agricultural and food systems.

The journal invites authors to submit original work based on empirical, qualitative, and/or quantitative research, theoretical discussion, policy analysis, or humanities-based inquiry. The journal publishes papers that document, examine, and critically question the values and relationships that characterize both conventional and alternative approaches to the agri-food system – from production, processing, distribution, access, and use to waste management. Manuscripts that explore the conflicts and contradictions within contemporary agricultural and food systems, their origin, effects, and possible resolution are encouraged. Of particular interest are papers that address the differential impact of agricultural and food related institutions, policies, and practices on human populations, the environment, democratic governance, and social equity. The journal also publishes reviews of the literature, commentary, field reports on related topics, and book reviews.