Aims and scope

Acta Applicandae Mathematicae encourages research papers that are interdisciplinary, have a broad appeal or communicate across boundaries.

Papers should be focused on techniques of applying mathematics or the development of new, applicable mathematical methods.

The mathematical methods can be related to ordinary or partial differential equations, stochastic models, control in both finite and infinite dimension, optimization, optimal transport, numerical analysis, mathematical physics, inverse problems, data assimilation, etc.

Applications can be to areas outside mathematics, for example to: computer science; the biosciences; finance; engineering; signal processing; imaging; statistical physics and other areas of the natural sciences. Papers can also cover unexpected applications of one area of mathematics to another, solutions of long-standing problems, or opening up promising and entirely new directions, for example new tools in computational mathematics.

Particularly welcome are papers using data, using mathematics motivated by current and even potential applications and on those established parts of mathematics which seem to be on the threshold of application. Numerical simulations can be used to illustrate the mathematical results.