AAR Book and Media Review Guidelines

African Archaeological Review aims to publish quality reviews of books, edited volumes, documentaries, and databases published in traditional or new media, and covering any aspect of African archaeology and related fields. The topics may include continental and subcontinental studies dealing with behavioral and historical processes; interregional interactions; human origins and biocultural evolution; cultural dynamics and ecology; the role of cultural materials in politics and ideology; the application of ethnohistorical, textual, and ethnoarchaeological data in archaeological interpretation; conservation; management of cultural heritage; information technology; and public archaeology.

If you agree to review a book for African Archaeological Review, you will receive a courtesy copy of the volume from the Book Review Editor or directly from the publisher. In our efforts to keep the journal current, we ask that you submit your review within 90 days of receiving the book. If you are unable to complete the review in this time frame, please return your courtesy copy to the Book Review Editor.  

Please submit your review by email directly to the Book Review Editor (gokeecd@appstate.edu). After copy-editing, the Book Review Editor will upload your review to the Editorial Manager online system where you will have an opportunity to download and correct the proofs prior to publication. 

●    Reviews must be written in English
●    Reviews should not exceed 1500 words and must follow the journal style guide found online at  www.springer.com/journal/10437
●    Reviews should use outside citations sparingly, if at all. When they occur, they must follow the journal citation format found online at www.springer.com/journal/10437. Do not use footnotes or endnotes. 
●    Review headers should use the following format:
Ashten R. Warfe: Prehistoric Pottery from Dakhleh Oasis, Egypt.
Oxbow Books, Oxford, 2018, 144 pp. ISBN 978-1-78570-824-4
Joshua Emmitt
The University of Auckland, New Zealand

Please direct any questions about book/media review process to the Book Review Editor, Dr. Cameron Gokee, by email (gokeecd@appstate.edu) or phone (+1 828 262 2028).
Mailing Address:
Dr. Cameron Gokee 
Appalachian State University
Department of Anthropology, ASU Box 32016
348 Anne Belk Hall
224 Joyce Lawrence Lane 
Boone, NC 28608