For Authors and Editors

Article Types

Original Research

Original research papers report results of an entire scientific study where conclusions are based on significant findings after thorough evaluation of the topic. Appropriate subjects for papers in the European Journal of Forest Research are described in the section on ‘aims and scope’. Research articles are typically 9,000 words in length with 4-9 display items. The writing style should be concise and consistent. Manuscripts should be structured as follows. The title page should be organized as described in the section ‘title page’. This should be followed by the Abstract (150-250 words), up to five keywords, Introduction, Materials and Methods, Results, Discussion, and Conclusions sections. These sections can be divided into subsections, as appropriate. Both print and online appendices are allowed (online versions encouraged for large appendices). Further specific information on the formatting of the text and nature of the acknowledgements (which follow the text and precede the references) are given in the section on ‘text’. Referencing format is described in the section on ‘references’. References should be followed by the figure captions, figures and tables, in that order.

Review Articles

Review articles provide a critical synthesis of an important current topic and develop new perspectives of broad scientific interest. Review articles are typically solicited by the editors, but can be submitted after an initial contact with the editor in chief. Reviews will be concise reports on an area of interest in conservation genetics and should be no more than 7,000 words long as a guideline. They are not expected to adhere to a strict format, though they should include the title page and abstract as described above.

The word count should include title, abstract, keywords, body of the text, figures, and tables but excluding authors affiliations, references and on-line supplementary material.

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