CALL FOR PAPERS: Special Issue on Low Field Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Exploring the foothills - benefits below 1 Tesla?

There is recent renewed and widespread interest in low- and mid-field MRI technology. Lower magnetic field MRI offers several opportunities, including portable and point-of-care imaging, reduced healthcare costs for clinical imaging, novel imaging applications near air-tissue interfaces and applications where SAR is a limiting factor, as well as different and novel contrast mechanisms for disease diagnosis, staging and prognosis. Moreover, there are engineering opportunities in new system designs, portable low field MRI hardware, novel imaging methods, and applications of machine learning. 

Over the past 30 years, there has been a drive to higher magnetic field strengths. In tandem, MRI software and hardware has improved tremendously; however, these developments have not until recently been applied to lower field strength systems. Modern low field MRI systems can leverage contemporary MRI hardware, advanced acquisition/reconstruction technology and readily available computational power to maximize system performance. All of these developments now make low field MRI a viable and valuable proposition.

We invite submissions of original research using field strengths of “0.XT” (ie. <1T). This Special Issue will focus on lower magnetic field MRI technology and applications, including the following:

  • Low field MRI system design and hardware
  • Image acquisition and reconstruction methods for lower magnetic field imaging
  • Machine learning approaches for low field MRI
  • Evaluation of contrast mechanisms at lower field strengths
  • Clinical applications enabled by lower field MRI systems
  • Tools to improve low field MRI accessibility 
  • Open-source hardware and software for low field MRI 

We invite manuscripts on topics pertinent to the scope of the Special Issue. In order to meet the time line, papers should be submitted not later than December 1st, 2022 (and preferably sooner) using the normal submission procedures on the web ( Authors should indicate in their cover letter that the manuscript is submitted "For inclusion in the Special Issue on Low-Field MRI”.

MAGMA Editor-in-Chief
David G. Norris

Guest Editors of the Special Issue
Adrienne Campbell-Washburn, NIH
Clarissa Cooley, MGH
Özlem Ipek, KCL (Nominated by Early Career researchers ad hoc Committee of ESMRMB)
David Lurie, Aberdeen
Najat Salameh, Basel