"Primates" is the official journal of the Japan Monkey Centre published in cooperation with the Primate Society of Japan.

Japan Monkey Centre 
Japan Monkey Centre (JMC) was founded in 1956 for primate research, conservation and education. The World Primate Zoo (WPZ), a zoological garden specializing in primates, exhibits about 650 individuals of more than 70 species of living primates, which is the world’s largest collection. JMC/WPZ provides a unique experience, as both education and recreation, for students, kids, families and all types of people.

Primate Society of Japan 
In 1985, the Primate Society of Japan was founded in the context of these developments in primatology. The Society aims to provide researchers of primates, in a wide array of academic fields such as anthropology, ecology, morphology, psychology, genetics, physiology, biochemistry, medicine, and laboratory animal science, with opportunities for obtaining a better knowledge of the present situation of primates as a research subject as well as scholarly work in other scientific fields, and for exchanging documents, information, and opinions.