Virtual Issues & Special Features (JPR Symposia)

Virtual Issues

  • Number 3   Ecology and evolution of pteridophytes in the era of molecular genetics (Edited by Joel H. Nitta and Atsushi Ebihara)
  • Number 2   Alpine and subalpine plant communities: importance of plant growth, reproduction and community assemblage processes for changing environments (Edited by Koichi Takahashi)
  • Number 1   Long-term and multidisciplinary research of the forest carbon cycle at the Takayama site, Japan (Joint contents from the "Journal of Plant Research" and "Ecological Research") (Edited by Hiroyuki Muraoka)

Special Features

Volume 134 (2021)

  • JPR Symposium: Beyond Fibonacci Patterns and the Golden Angle: Phyllotactic Variations and their Cellular Origin

Volume 133 (2020)

  • JPR Symposium: New Aspects of Functional Plant Nuclear Architecture
  • JPR Symposium: Apical Stem Cell(s): Evolutionary Basis for 3D Body Plans in Land Plants

Volume 132 (2019)

  • JPR Symposium: Toward Unveiling Plant Adaptation Mechanisms to Environmental Stresses
  • JPR Symposium: Regulatory networks in plant growth and development

Volume 131 (2018)

  • JPR Symposium: Physiological ecology of woody species in response to air pollution and climate changes
  • JPR Symposium: Floral Development –Re-evaluation of its Importance–
  • JPR Symposium: Semi-in-vivo Developmental Biology

Volume 130 (2017)

  • JPR Symposium: Fusion in Fertilization: Interdisciplinary Collaboration among Plant and Animal Scientists
  • JPR Symposium: Expanding plant non-coding RNA worldJPR Symposium: Expanding plant non-coding RNA world

Volume 129 (2016)

  • JPR Symposium: Responses of the Photosynthetic Systems to Spatio-temporal Variations in Light Environments: Scaling and Eco-devo Approaches
  • JPR Symposium: The Cutting Edge of Photoresponse Mechanisms: Photoreceptor and Signaling Mechanism

Volume 128 (2015)

  • JPR Symposium: Reprogramming of Plant Cells as Adaptive Strategies
  • JPR Symposium: Plasmodesmata: Function and Diversity in Plant Intercellular Communication

Volume 127 (2014)

  • JPR Symposium: Palaeobotany: Old but New Stories on Plant Diversity
  • JPR Symposium: Current Status and Future Control of Cesium Contamination in Plants and Algae in Fukushima

Volume 124 (2011)

Volume 123 (2010)

Volume 120 (2007)

Volume 119 (2006)

Volume 116 (2003)

Volume 115 (2002)