Special Issue on Statistical Analysis of Networks

Guest Editors

Michael Schweinberger, Rice University, USA, michael.schweinberger@rice.edu 
Francesco C. Stingo, University of Florence, Italy, francescoclaudio.stingo@unifi.it
Maria Prosperina Vitale, University of Salerno, Italy, mvitale@unisa.it


The aim of this special issue is to collect innovative papers on theory, methodology, and applications of models and methods for the analysis of networks. We encourage submissions presenting original works on statistical, computational, and mathematical approaches with an emphasis on empirical and substantive aspects, regardless of whether the networks are observed or unobserved and learnt from data. Innovative applications and case studies in any scientific fields are welcome, especially related to novel methodological challenges in the treatment of big data and large networks.

This special issue will bring together contributions from practitioners and researchers working on different aspects of network analysis, with methodological interests encompassing graphical models, random graphs, advanced methods in the treatment of network data, development of computational and visualization tools, and innovative applications of network analysis in specific domains.

Development of novel methodology and theory (including but not limited to):

Bipartite networks
Chain graphs
Clustering on networks
Directed graphical models/Bayesian networks
Joint probability models of networks and other outcomes
Multilevel networks
Multilayer and Multiplex networks
Multimode networks
Multiple and other complex graphical models
Network visualization
Network growth models
Random graph models
Undirected graphical models/Markov random field

Applications of network analysis in the fields of

Behavioral science
Business and Management 
Economics and geography
Genomics and genetics
Social science

Tentative Schedule:

Submission of short abstract*:  31st July 2020
Submission of full paper:           15th October 2020
First review notification:            February 2021
First revision due:                       30th May 2021
Second review notification:        1st July 2021
Publication date:                         expected in September 2021

*Email your abstract directly to the guest editors. Get in touch with the editors if you want to submit a manuscript but you have missed the abstract’s deadline

Submission Guidelines

Abstracts will be reviewed by the guest editors and a preliminary feedback will be provided to the authors. Papers should be formatted according to the Statistical Methods and Applications journal instructions for authors at: http://www.springer.com/10260. Springer has LaTeX templates: see “Instructions for Authors / Text” at http://www.springer.com/10260 No templates for Word.

Manuscript Length

Please follow journal’s guidelines for authors at: http://www.springer.com/10260

Submissions of “extended versions” of already published works (e.g., conference/workshop papers) should be significantly extended with a relevant part of novel contribution. A “Summary of Differences” between the submitted paper to this special issue and the former one must be included.

Submission Instruction

The full paper will be submitted in the usual way via the online submission site at (http://www.springer.com/10260).
Authors should select ‘SI: Statistical analysis of networks’ during the submission step 'Additional Information'.