Georg Wüst Prize


2021 Georg Wüst Prize

To Honor Outstanding Ocean Researchers

Prof. Dr. Georg Wüst (1890-1977)

Georg Wüst, born 15 June 1890, brought descriptive oceanography into the modern era. Through careful analysis of each hard-won observational data point that passed his meticulous quality control procedures, he probed into the secrets of the ocean, contributing to several research areas. He is best known for his Atlantic Ocean studies, where with great insight and skill he combined water mass analysis by means of the temperature-salinity relationship and the core method, with the dynamic approach of geostrophic balance, to reveal the nature of the deep Atlantic’s stratification and circulation. His primary source of information was the magnificent data set obtained during the “Deutsche Atlantische Expedition”, the South Atlantic Meteor Expedition of 1925-1927, in which he guided the oceanography work. Tracing the southward flow of the multiple layers of North Atlantic Deep Water and of the compensatory northward flow of Antarctic waters Georg Wüst presented the first clear picture of the Atlantic’s meridional circulation, that so places its stamp upon the global ocean and climate.

Georg Wüst Prize

The German Society for Marine Research (DGM) and the Springer journal Ocean Dynamics calls for nominations for the 2021 Georg Wüst Prize. Every two years the prize is awarded to a person who has made a significant contribution to ocean research. The prize consists of an award of 1500 Euro and will be presented at a major international conference in 2021.

Send us your nominations!

You are kindly invited to send us your nominations of eligible candidates via email by 30 November 2020. The laureate will then be chosen from the pool of candidates by an expert committee. Send your suggestions including a comprehensive justification to: 

Deadline: 30 November 2020

“I was very close to Wüst, we got along very well, I learnt a lot from him, I admired him greatly .” Arnold L. Gordon, Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory of Columbia University

“There can be no question of the major accomplishments of Georg Wüst. I remember Albert Defant speaking of Wüst in very positive terms. He is clearly well qualified for the honor. ” Walter Munk, Scripps Institution of Oceanography University

“You asked what I learned from Wüst. It’s basically the general overview, to look at larger connections, not at the details, but to integrate things, to see the big picture. ” Klaus Wyrtki, University of Hawaii

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