The winners of JMCWM Outstanding Paper Award 2020

Published in 2017~2019(Vol.19-21) of Journal of Material Cycles and Waste Management (JMCWM) 

We are pleased to announce the selected 5 papers for the award among about 450 Original Articles published in JMCWM during 2017-2019. The award is given to outstanding papers to acknowledge their scientific contribution to JMCWM. Congratulations to all the awardees. 

Editors of JMCWM,
Shinichi Sakai, Masaki Takaoka, Toshiaki Yoshioka

The following publication by the winners are free to read via SharedIt links

Psychological driving forces behind households’ behaviors toward municipal organic waste separation at source in Vietnam: a structural equation modeling approach

Le Thi Thanh Loan 1,2
Hisako Nomura 1
Yoshifumi Takahashi 1
Mitsuyasu Yabe 1
1)Kyushu University
2)Vietnam National University of Agriculture
July 2017, Vol.19(3), 1052-1060

Characterization of poly (lactic acid) biocomposites filled with chestnut shell waste

M. Barczewski 1
D.Matykiewicz 1
A. Krygier 1
J. Andrzejewski
K. Skórczewska 2
1)Poznan University of Technology
2)University of Science and Technology in Bydgoszcz
April 2018, Vol.20(2), 914-624

Thermal decomposition of tetrabromobisphenol-A containing printed circuit boards in the presence of calcium hydroxide

Shogo Kumagai 1
Guido Grause 1
Tomohito Kameda1
Toshiaki Yoshioka1
1)Tohoku University
January 2017, Vol.19(1), 282-293

Use of raw-state bottom ash for aggregates in construction materials

Jin Young Yoon 1
Jun Young Lee 1
Jae Hong Kim 2
1)Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology
2)Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology
July 2019, Vol.21(4), 838-849

Recycling and utilization of agro-food waste ashes: syntheses of the glasses for wide-band gap semiconductor applications

Gaurav Sharma1
K. Singh1
1)Thapar Institute of Engineering and Technology
July 2019, Vol.21(4), 801-809

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