Call for Papers: Eco-Technologies for Waste to Energy Conversion: Applying the Concepts of Cleaner Production, Circular Economy and Biorefinery

The world's environmental quality is under severe threat because it continues to serve as a sink to receive contaminants from a wide range of sectors, from forest wastes to inconspicuous chemicals present in water. Besides, the increasing population growth rate, the expansion of cities, and rapid industrialization has resulted in a significant increase in the demand for energy and raw materials. These issues have seriously affected the depleting fossil resources, which are finite and scarce, making future economic development more difficult. Thus, developing innovative eco-technologies for sustainable and eco-efficient energy production is essential.

Recently, the application of the concept of cleaner production to various sectors, transforming the linear economy to a resource conserved circular economy and converting waste to energy or valuable materials in a biorefinery has received significant attention. Cleaner production is a preventative approach or a process that is applied in products and services, with the aim of minimizing waste and health risks. Therefore, shifting the existing linear economy to circular economy by practicing recycle and reuse will provide solutions to the efficient use of finite resources required by the industrial sectors. On the other hand, biorefinery is a sustainable and alternative approach for the conversion of biomass waste for the production of energy and bio-based products. Biorefinery is one of the key concepts that is presently being implemented within the framework of a country’s circular economy. To advance research and technology in this field and implement these concepts in practice, it requires a strong effort from the scientific community, business sectors and the active participation of different stakeholders.

The special issue will highlight the role of eco-technologies for waste to energy conversion and the recovery of useful materials (e.g. carbon, nutrients, biofuels, fertilizers, specialty chemicals), and provide a forum for sharing practically relevant case-studies from different countries. Potential authors are invited to submit original research papers and review papers on the theme “Eco-technologies for waste to energy conversion”, covering the following broad topics:

•    Clean eco-technologies for integrated resource management
•    Technologies for waste (as a resource/feedstock) to energy conversion 
•    Recovery of energy and valuable products (e.g. specialty chemicals) from liquid/solid wastes and gaseous emissions
•    Life-cycle impact assessment, environmental and economic assessment studies
•    Policies and drivers for the implementation of eco-technologies
•    Application of cleaner production concepts in practice (e.g. different sectors)
•    Biorefinery: Proof-of-concept and case-studies

Guest editors
•    Eldon R. Rene, IHE Delft Institute for Water Education, The Netherlands; E-mail:
•    Francesco Di Capua, University of Naples Federico II, Italy; E-mail:
•    Marco Race, University of Cassino and Southern Lazio, Italy; E-mail: 
•    Arivalagan Pugazhendhi, Ton Duc Thang University, Vietnam; E-mail: 
•    Ramita Khanongnuch, Tampere University, Finland; E-mail:

Tentative schedule
•    Submission opens: September 10, 2020
•    Deadline for submission: January 31, 2021
•    Completion of the review process: March 31, 2021
•    Special issue publication: June 2021