Call for Papers: Technological and Policy Innovations Toward Cleaner Development

This special issue is calling for papers demonstrating technological and policy innovations toward cleaner development. The technological innovation part and the policy innovation part should include, but are not limited to, the following topics:

Technological Innovations

  • Air Pollution and PM2.5 Mitigation Technology
  • Climate Change Mitigation Technology
  • Circular Technology
  • Ecological Technology for Wastewater Treatment
  •  Green Technology and Production
  • Sensor and IoT for Environmental and Health Protection 
  • Nanotechnology for Water Treatment and Groundwater Remediation
  • Environmental Implication of Nanotechnology 
  • Risk Assessment and Mitigation Technology
  • Soil, Sediment, and Groundwater Restoration 
  • Toxic Agrochemical Replacement
  • Treatment Technology for PFAS 
  • Wastewater Reclamation and Water Reuse

Policy Innovations

  • Behavioral Economics for Resource Management
  • Circular Economy
  • Climate Change Mitigation Policy
  • Community Citizen Science for Environmental Protection
  • Environmental Accountability
  • Environmental Economics and Insurance 
  • Environmental and Health Impact Assessment 
  • Life Cycle Analysis
  • Public Participation and Environmental Democracy 
  • Policy for Pollution Prevention and Zero Emission
  • Regulatory Impact Assessment
  • Strategic Environmental Assessment
  • Sustainable Consumption

According to the engaging and innovative nature of these technological and policy innovations for cleaner development, this special issue will gain attention from both contributors and readers in the field of environmental science, environmental engineering, environmental management, and sustainability.

If you would like to contribute to the special issue, please contact the guest editors before submitting your paper:

Tentative schedule: The time frame for each stage of the Special Issue development including the deadlines for first submission, completion of the review process, and final paper submission.

  • Deadlines for first submission: May, 2021
  • Completion of the 1st review process: 28 February, 2021
  • Revised paper submission: 1 April, 2021
  • Completion of the 2nd Review Process: 31 May, 2021
  • Final paper submission: 30 June, 2021
  • Paper Acceptance: 31 July, 2021