CTEP Best & Outstanding Paper Awards

Clean Technologies and Environmental Policy will present the following yearly awards as nominated by the Review board:

1. Best Paper award - The recipient will be awarded a plaque and a onetime monetary prize of EUR 1000. In the case that the recognized paper has multiple authors, each author will receive a plaque while the prize of EUR 1000 will be shared equally among them.
2. Outstanding Paper award - The recipient(s) will be awarded a plaque. Members of the editorial board who are nominated for the best paper award will not receive any monetary compensation.

2019 CTEP Best Paper Award:

Dimitris P. Makris, Ifigenia Stefou, Spyros Grigorakis, Sofia Loupassaki for their paper titled Development of sodium propionate-based deep eutectic solvents for polyphenol extraction from onion solid wastes         

2019 CTEP Outstanding Paper Award: 

Mehrdad Khatami, Rajender S. Varma, Mahammad Malakotian, Seyedeh Nastaran Asadzadeh, Mohammad Ahmadian, Mohammad R. Heidari, Pouria Karimi, Nima Firouzeh for their paper titled Protocol encompassing ultrasound/Fe3 O4 nanoparticles/persulfate for the removal of tetracycline antibiotics from aqueous environments