Call for Papers - Special Issue: Understanding the connection between science and innovation

Guest editors: 
Thomas Brenner, Fatih Celebioglu (both Philipps University-Marburg, Germany), Dieter F. Kogler and Hyunha Shin (both University College Dublin)

In recent years, research on the relationship between science and innovation has flourished remarkably. Highly relevant studies have been conducted on issues such as how to support scientific knowledge production processes and the transfer thereof, what determines the performance of public and private research efforts, what are the motives and incentives within public institutions for transfer activities, what kind of transfer channels exist, and what are the regional effects of scientific activities on innovation output, amongst others.

Nevertheless, and despite the highly relevant and promising insights this line of inquiry has generated in the recent past, more work is needed to further disentangle the complex relationships at work. Scientific knowledge and its implementation via inventive and innovative activities is a strong driver of growth and, therefore, of high societal and political interest. Over the past decades, regional innovation policy has come to the forefront among policy initiatives in this regard, and along with that an abundance of different policy approaches that are sometimes difficult to comprehend and challenging to deploy have been developed. Given the relevance of the topic, more scientific insights on this, and especially on the underlying mechanisms, in order to assist policy makers are desperately needed.

This special issue aims to push the frontier of this line of research by exploring the connection between science and innovation at the regional level in more detail by focusing on the intersection between processes, relationships and policy. In particular, we welcome submissions that deal with, but are not necessarily constrained to, the following:

  • The influence of the type and scope of scientific incentives on the regional effects of public research
  • The role of distance for collaboration or knowledge transfer between public and private research
  • The ways of interaction between public and private research
  • The regional impact of scientific activity on innovation output and vice versa
  • The role of policy in supporting the interaction between science and private research
  • The impact of the interaction between public and private research on regional economic growth
  • The relevance of clusters for the interaction between science and innovation

Submission deadline (full papers): 30th September 2022 (via the submission webpage:

The special issue is planned to appear at the end of 2023.

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