Call for Papers - Special Issue: Population aging and regional science

Editors: Johannes Hagen, Orsa Kekezi, Ting Zhang

Population aging is the most dominant demographic phenomenon of the 21st century in the developed world. The demographic transformation of many countries poses great challenges for their economies and their aging populations, with potentially significant implications for employment, savings, consumption, economic growth, fiscal balance, asset values, and individual well beings. These challenges pertain to all levels of society, including firms, local communities, regions, states, nation states and supra-national organizations, indicating that regional scientists are well-equipped to address and answer a broad set of questions relevant both from an academic and policy perspective.

For example, from a regional science perspective, this demographic change is of particular importance given the ongoing out-migration of younger generations from remote, rural areas to urban cities in many countries (Klaesson 2018). The combination of population aging and internal rural-urban migration have negative implications for public local finance and local governments’ capacity to invest in age-related services (McCann 2017). Compared to other types of regions, regions with predominantly rural population have been facing higher increases in the elderly dependency rates in the last two decades and therefore face more challenges than other places in ensuring the welfare of their senior citizens (OECD, 2018).

Review of Regional Research invites researchers to submit papers for this special issue on “Population aging and regional science”. Potential topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Regional inequalities in mortality and healthy aging
  • Location decisions and age-related migration patterns
  • Immigration and population aging
  • Population decline, aging and regional inequality 
  • Rural vs urban areas in the aftermath of COVID-19 
  • Population aging and the housing market 
  • Population aging and elderly entrepreneurship, and regional economic growth 
  • Population aging and economic development 
  • Population aging and local finance  
  • Population aging and labor markets
  • Cohort, generation, and social changes 
  • Aging in place and social implications 
  • Age, space and health

Instructions and Important Dates: Manuscripts should follow the submission guidelines of the journal, which can be found here:
Submissions should be made through

All submissions will go through a blind peer-review process.
The deadline to submit the full paper is June 30, 2022. We expect the special issue to be published by or before Spring 2023.


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