20th Anniversary Virtual Issue

Virtual Issue for the 20th journal anniversary in 2017

Enjoy reading the articles of the Ecosystems anniversary virtual issue.

Twenty Years of Ecosystems: Emerging Questions and Challenges

Taking the Mumbo Out of the Jumbo: Progress Towards a Robust Basis for Ecological Scaling

Challenges and Directions for the Advancement of Estuarine Ecosystem Science

Losing Legacies, Ecological Release, and Transient Responses: Key Challenges for the Future of Northern Ecosystem Science

Research Frontiers in Ecosystem Service Science

Moving Towards a New Urban Systems Science Trade: A Driver of Present and Future Ecosystems

Marine Ecosystem Science on an Intertwined Planet

To Tree or Not to Tree: Cultural Views from Ancient Romans to Modern Ecologists

Ecosystem Assembly: A Mission for Terrestrial Earth System Science

Subsidies of Aquatic Resources in Terrestrial Ecosystems

Legacy Effects of Human Land Use: Ecosystems as Time-Lagged Systems

Riparian Soil Development Linked to Forest Succession Above and Below Dams Along the Elwha River, Washington, USA

“New Forests” from the Twentieth Century are a Relevant Contribution for C Storage in the Iberian Peninsula

How Do Biota Respond to Additional Physical Restoration of Restored Streams?

Multiple Patterns of Food Web Dynamics Revealed by a Minimal Non-deterministic Model

Spatial and Temporal Dynamics of Invasive Freshwater Shrimp (Mysis diluviana): Long-Term Effects on Ecosystem Properties in a Large Oligotrophic Lake

Spatial Variability in Light Yields Colimitation of Primary Production by Both Light and Nutrients in a Forested Stream Ecosystem

Ecosystem Modeling for the 21st Century

Modeling for Understanding v. Modeling for Numbers

To Model or not to Model, That is no Longer the Question for Ecologists

Next-Generation Individual-Based Models Integrate Biodiversity and Ecosystems: Yes We Can, and Yes We Must

Empiricism and Modeling for Marine Fisheries: Advancing an Interdisciplinary Science

Ecosystem Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, a New Frontier for Experiments and Models

On Achieving Balance

A Toolkit for Ecosystem Ecologists in the Time of Big Science

Advancing Ecosystem Science by Promoting Greater Use of Theory and Multiple Research Approaches in Graduate Education

The Next Decade of Big Data in Ecosystem Science

Spatially Explicit Modeling in Ecology: A Review

Ecosystem Structure and Dynamics in the North Pacific Subtropical Gyre: New Views of an Old Ocean 

Marine Ecosystems as Complex Adaptive Systems: Emergent Patterns, Critical Transitions, and Public Goods 

A Framework for Evaluating Heterogeneity and Landscape-Level Impacts of Non-native Aquatic Species 

New Directions for Understanding the Spatial Resilience of Social–Ecological Systems Control Points in Ecosystems: Moving Beyond the Hot Spot Hot Moment Concept

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