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The SpringerLink Shop Affiliate Program

Springer Nature, the world’s leading scholarly book publisher (including imprints like Springer, Palgrave Macmillan, Apress, and others), offers over 300,000 individual book titles on its SpringerLink bookshop. Customers for these books include researchers, academics, professors, students, authors, and teachers, as well as other readers interested in science.

You’re already serving these audiences. And now, with Springer Nature’s affiliate program, you can earn commission on selling Springer Nature’s books through your site. This means that you can earn money — up to 12% per sale — with relatively little effort!

Participating is easy:

  1. Sign up for free
  2. Be activated
  3. Integrate our ads
  4. Get commission

Sign up for free

Register for free in the network of CJ. Apply as a publisher to our SpringerLink Shop program. You will find our international profile (English and German) with the ID 3846539 in the network of CJ.

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Be activated

We will review your application within 3 working days and accept you into our program. Please make sure to read our terms and conditions carefully in order to avoid any misunderstandings.

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Integrate our ads

Choose your favorite format from the provided advertising media. Promote individual products with our product data feed, for instance, or use our appealing brand banners.

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Get commission

For every order which was triggered by clicking on one of our links on your site, you will receive a comission of up to 15% of the order value.

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Advantages for affiliates

  • Up to 12% commission per sale
  • Work with a globally recognized brand
  • Regular coupon promotions
  • Free shipping
  • Cookie Lifetime: 30 days
  • Dedicated support: Fast and personal support from the SpringerLink Affiliate Team


What is the SpringerLink Affiliate Program?

The SpringerLink Affiliate Program allows you to earn money when you embed links to Springer Nature products on your website. Visitors to your website can follow these links to Springer Nature’s online shop and then purchase these products. If a customer purchases a product through one of these links on your website, then Springer Nature will pay you a sales commission.

How can I become a member of the SpringerLink Affiliate Program?

The Affiliate Program is managed in cooperation with CJ and Awin, and you may register here for the Affiliate Program through CJ or Awin. Once your application has been reviewed and you have qualified for the program, you will receive an email containing your membership information and instructions for getting started.

Who are CJ and Awin?

CJ and Awin are part of the best-known Affiliate Networks in the world. They manage tracking, reporting and commission payments for Springer Nature’s partners.

Which affiliates will be admitted to the program?

In general, each Affiliate may include their website(s) in the program. Websites containing the following content, or that are associated with or could create the impression of an association are prohibited from participating in the program. (This includes through the website or web page periphery that is accessible through links.)

  1. erotica and pornography
  2. glorification of violence, violent scenes, weapons
  3. politics
  4. drugs
  5. content with criminal law implications including insults and slander
  6.  content that is generally unlawful or infringes third party rights
  7. cashback

Please comply with Springer Nature’s General Terms and Conditions of Participation when registering with CJ/Awin.

Can non-commercial website operators become partners of SpringerLink?

For reasons related to the rules on fixed book prices, Springer Nature can only cooperate with commercial partners under the SpringerLink Affiliate Program. If you file an application to take part in the program, then the assumption is that you satisfy this condition. You will be considered “commercial,” if:

  1. your firm is a limited liability company (GmbH), or
  2. you have registered a trade, or
  3. you operate your own server, or
  4. you have your own domain name for your website.

If you register with the Partner Program as a GmbH, then Springer Nature will require no further evidence that you are entitled “to place electronic ads for commercial purposes.” Due to the rules on fixed book prices, cash-back or refund compensation and bonus systems based on the participation are prohibited.

Does it cost anything to participate in the SpringerLink Affiliate Program?

The registration is completely free of charge. The Affiliate Program of SpringerLink is based on revenue sharing. In other words, Springer Nature splits the commission for each subscription that has been placed by your Affiliate link.

Whom should I contact if I have any questions about the program?

You can find answers to many of your questions at the CJ Support Center/Awin Support Center. To learn about the most recent program functions and see real-time information about results and commission payments, you may log into your Affiliate account. In addition, feel free to contact us via email at

What‘s the next step following registration?

After your registration, you will receive a welcome email. This email will contain general information for getting started and will include your Affiliate link. You will also receive registration information in the Affiliate Center. A contract on participation will not be formed unless and until SpringerLink notifies the Affiliate via email following review of the registration that SpringerLink has accepted the application. Then you can start to promote the SpringerLink webshop.

May I embed the SpringerLink advertising material throughout my website?

Yes. You know your customers, their needs, and their conduct best. As such, as soon as your application has been accepted, you’ll get access to Springer Nature banners and text links which you can position throughout your website and/or blogs as you see fit. But bear in mind that the better you position these ads, the more you will earn. Please use only text links, logos, banners, and images that you receive through CJ/Awin.

How often will I get new advertising material?

You will get a variety of standard discounts and price discount advertising materials, deeplinks, and product data feeds for Springer Nature’s page and products. Simply copy the Advertising Material Code from your CJ/Awin account and then paste it in.

I have more than one website, and several of them are outside of Germany. Can I still participate in the Partner Program?

Yes. Springer Nature reviews and accepts applications from many countries, and you may have more than one website in order to promote our products. In order to simplify the process, Springer Nature simply requires one Affiliate Account containing all your data.

How do I measure the results?

In your Affiliate Account, go to “reports.” You can analyze your visitor numbers, call-up detailed statistics, prepare reports, review your pay-outs and much, much more.

How are the commissions calculated?

As an Affiliate Partner, you will place a new Affiliate link on your website, in your blog or distribute them through social media channels.  If the visitor follows your Affiliate link to our website, then the system will register this information and place a cookie on the visitor’s computer. When the visitor pays for a product or carries out another pre-defined action, the Affiliate System will automatically search for cookies (if no cookies are found, then the program will check the IP address of the referral) and will credit the agreed commission to your account. This will occur completely automatically. The basis for calculating the commission are the net proceeds actually paid by the end customer and retained by Springer Nature, i.e., less any unpaid purchases and any refunds arising from product returns.

When will I be paid?

CJ and Awin process payments once a month, and the validation period is 60 days.