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Springer’s commitment to quality content extends beyond books, journals, and databases. We have a long history of partnering with librarians and the larger scholarly community to provide white papers that support a greater understanding of the landscape we all share. It is our intent that these projects are mutually beneficial, relevant and insightful.

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Subject specific databases

SpringerMaterials: The fast and accurate discovery tool for researchers at every level

Subject specific databases such as SpringerMaterials can help researchers find their way through an abundance of data by providing well designed, tailored tools to access the most relevant information for a particular project.

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Archive products

The Springer Book Archives: Reflections on closing the gap in research

Usage statistics show that researchers derive significant value from Springer Archives. It has become a vital source for research, providing access to out-of-print or hard-to-find titles that until now might have only been accessible in a handful of libraries.


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Global customer survey

Academic and government library trends

Customer feedback is critical to Springer’s strategic planning to ensure that the information and tools provided are meeting the needs of the market. This report highlights some of the key trends learned from the surveyed librarians.


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Data quality and discovery

Success Strategies for Electronic Content Discovery and Access

Library e-content is facing a data quality problem, which directly affects users’ ability to find and to use library resources. By implementing some basic improvements, libraries, service providers and data suppliers can improve users’ experiences.

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The costs of print book collections

Making the case for large scale eBook acquisitions

Large scale eBook acquisitions are strategic investment that makes better use of library funds than storing print collections. Recent work in this area indicates that many such acquisitions can achieve cost savings which justify their purchase.


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Digital preservation

The Achievements, Challenges, and Encouraging Future

Long-term preservation is a critical issue. More libraries are actively seeking solutions, and publishers, in turn, are taking steps to ensure preservation of their content. The collaborative approach has been a positive element in this endeavor.


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