New starts

We believe in making long term investments to support new research areas with new journals. Our editors work together closely with the scientific community to analyze research movements and set up new journals where needed.

2017 new starts

JournalISSN and/or eISSN

Asia-Pacific Journal of Regional Science

ISSN: 2509-7946 
eISSN: 2509-7954 

Construction Robotics

ISSN: 2509-811X 
eISSN: 2509-8780
Corpus PragmaticsISSN: 2509-9507
eISSN: 2509-9515 
Data-Enabled Discovery and ApplicationseISSN: 2510-1161 

Diagnostic and Prognostic Research 

(fully open access)

eISSN: 2397-7523 

Earth Systems and EnvironmentISSN: 2509-9426
eISSN: 2509-9434


(fully open access)

eISSN: 2398-0060
Human Factors and Mechanical Engineering for Defense and SafetyeISSN: 2367-2544
International Journal of Intelligent Robotics and ApplicationsISSN: 2366-5971
eISSN: 2366-598X 
International Journal of Latin American ReligionseISSN: 2509-9965
Journal of Analysis and Testing

ISSN: 2096-241X

eISSN: 2509-4696 

Journal of Applied and Computational TopologyISSN: 2367-1726 
eISSN: 2367-1734 
Journal of Cognitive EnhancementISSN: 2509-3290
eISSN: 2509-3304 
Journal of Communications and Information NetworksISSN: 2096-1081
eISSN: 2509-3312 
Journal of Formative Design in LearningeISSN: 2509-8039
Journal of Geovisualization and Spatial AnalysisISSN: 2509-8810 
eISSN: 2509-8829
Journal of Hardware and Systems SecurityISSN: 2509-3428
eISSN: 2509-3436
Journal of Patient-Reported Outcomes (fully open access)eISSN: 2509-8020
Journal of Healthcare Informatics ResearchISSN: 2509-4971 
eISSN: 2509-498X
Journal of Well-Being AssessmentISSN: 2509-4629 
eISSN: 2509-4637
Journal on Vehicle Routing AlgorithmsISSN: 2367-3591
eISSN: 2367-3605 
Lasers in Dental ScienceeISSN: 2367-2587

npj Precision Oncology 

(fully open access)

eISSN: 2397-768X
Occupational Health ScienceISSN: 2367-0134
eISSN: 2367-0142 
Organizational Design and Enterprise EngineeringISSN: 2367-3567 
eISSN: 2367-3575


(fully open access)

ISSN: 2509-4262 
eISSN: 2509-4254 

Probability, Uncertainty and Quantitative Risk

(fully open access)

eISSN: 2367-0126 
Process Integration and Optimization for SustainabilityISSN: 2509-4238
eISSN: 2509-4246 

Protection and Control of Modern Power Systems 

(fully open access)

eISSN: 2367-0983 
Radiation Detection Technology and MethodseISSN: 2509-9949
Reviews of Modern Plasma PhysicseISSN: 2367-3192
Sleep and VigilanceeISSN: 2510-2265

Sleep Science and Practice 

(fully open access)

eISSN: 2398-2683
Zeitschrift für Religion, Gesellschaft und PolitikISSN: 2510-1218
eISSN: 2510-1226 

2017 new starts with forthcoming pages

  • Disaster Engineering and Research Management (fully open access)
  • European Radiology Experimental (fully open access)
  • Journal of Packaging Technology and Research
  • Lightweight Design Worldwide
  • Oral Cancer

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