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Request a UPS/CanPar call tag to return an examination copy

Springer-Verlag and its associated companies are pleased to issue UPS/CanPar Call Tags to have 60 day examination copies which will not be adopted for course or purchased for reference returned back to us at no cost to the instructor or institution. This means that after you submit this form, the driver from UPS (or CanPar if you are located in Canada) will arrive at your location within the next 3-4 business days to pick up the book and return it back to us.

All you need to do is follow these important steps: 

  • Fill out the form below and submit it to us.
  • Package the book(s) for delivery. Be sure to include either a copy of your original invoice, or a piece of paper with the invoice number written on it, in the package to expedite processing. The original packaging is preferred, but if this is no longer available, any packaging that will protect the book from being damaged will suffice. It is not necessary to label the package as UPS/CanPar will arrive with their own pre-printed label. Please write "CALL TAG RETURN TO SPRINGER" on the box, so that your receiving department is aware that UPS/CanPar will come to pick up the shipment.
  • If UPS/CanPar usually delivers to a mailroom, secretarial desk, or other location away from where you are situated, you will need to bring the book to this location. All books being returned from a University must be brought the their shipping and receiving area - UPS cannot pick up the package at the Department.
  • When UPS/CanPar arrives for the pick-up, please be sure to receive a Call Tag Consignee Copy; this is your receipt and proof of return (POR).
UPS/CanPar will make three attempts to pick up the book from you. After each of the first two attempts, the driver will leave a yellow note at your location informing you that they were at your location, but were unable to make the pickup. The next attempt is usually the next business day.
Credit will be issued for your invoice upon the receipt of your return. Processing generally takes 2-3 weeks. If you receive a statement from us during this period, please disregard it. (If you receive another statement after this period, please contact us. You may be required to provide a POR.)

Please fill out the information below

Please tell us why the textbook(s) you examined was/were not suitable for course adoption. This information will be forwarded to our editorial department, where your comments may be incorporated into future editions/reprints.

GDPR Compliance: We collect and use your personal data to facilitate the trial you requested. We won’t contact you for anything unrelated to this request, neither will we share your information with any third parties, as detailed in our privacy policy (