Book publishing partners at Springer

Choosing a book publishing partner is serious business. Learn how a book co-publishing agreement with Springer can help you achieve your publishing goals from broader institutional distribution to increased global eBook sales revenue.

Achieve complete coverage of the eBook market

Springer enables our partners to deliver quality content to a global audience by:

  • Utilizing our multi-channel distribution network to work with academic, corporate and government libraries around the world.
  • Participating in and managing 3rd party retail relationships (Amazon, Apple etc.) on behalf of our partners
  • Ensuring compliance with the customized metadata and format delivery requirements for library vendors like eBrary and MyiLibrary

Partner with us for your next open access book series

We partner with funders, research centres, and organisations to publish open access books series under our SpringerOpen and Palgrave Macmillan imprints. Read more bout this open access opportunity. 

Maintain editorial control while streamlining your eBook production process

A co-publishing agreement with Springer does not affect our partners’ own acquisition processes – rather we work with our partners to develop a smooth workflow for immediate creation of print and eBooks once the manuscripts are completed.

Increase eBook visibility and usage through SpringerLink

Our partners’ electronic content is made available through our SpringerLink platform.

  • Users can simultaneously search  journals and eBooks, thus increasing usage of all titles.
  • SpringerLink features powerful, fast search capabilities and user-friendly navigation tools.
  • No special software is required to use Springer eBooks and SpringerLink provides anytime, anywhere access on all commonly available mobile and eReader devices.
  • Springer eBooks are always available. A few years after publication, significant interest in "older" eBooks is borne out by usage, while the print versions are used far less frequently.

Participate in Springer's unique eProduct offerings

Benefit from our active program of eProducts innovation. We are constantly developing new eProducts and services including mobile apps and videos.

Springer eBook publishing partners can also participate in our unique MyCopy offering. Library patrons may purchase low-cost, high-quality MyCopy print copies of eBooks in their collections, for personal use, at $/€ 24.99 (including shipping and handling). This service is unique among scholarly publishers.

Be assured that branding and identity are maintained

Springer understands how important it is for our book publishing partners to retain their high-quality consistent design. Partner branding is retained on titles and is prominently displayed on, our marketing platform and on the eBook content page in SpringerLink, which also includes detailed publisher information and the option to search by publisher name.

Additionally, by including their content in our eBook packages, our partners also benefit from our innovative eBook marketing activities, including targeted email New eBook Alerts, eNewsletters, social media and SEO.

Utilize the largest and most effective sales force in the industry

We believe that a global sales strategy is best executed by local representation. Our sales team has over 150+ employees and includes locations in New York, Sao Paulo, Dordrecht, London, Paris, Milan, Madrid, Istanbul, Heidelberg, Pretoria, Melbourne, New Delhi, Hong Kong, Taipei, Seoul, Beijing, Kuala Lumpur, Tokyo and Dubai.

Additionally, library, corporate, and government sales teams operate in all of these offices.

Strong Brand + Innovative Product + Global Sales Force = Reach and Revenue Growth

The result is greater global visibility and recognition for our partners' titles and authors, increased content usage, and significant growth in our partner's global eBook sales revenue.