Editorial Contacts in the US (Computer Science)

  • P_DrougasPaul_128x171px

    Paul Drougas

    Senior Editor
    Computer Science – Machine Learning, Neural Networks, Programming Theory, Computational Creativity, Mathematics of Computing, and Data Science Theory

    Springer New York
    Tel.: +1 (212) 460-1658

  • Jennifer Evans

    Jennifer Evans

    Editorial Director, Journals
    Computer Science

    Springer New York
    Tel.: + 1 781 681-0625, cell phone: +1 (781) 3630311

  • SusanEvans

    Susan Evans

    Senior Editor
    Computer Science - Multimedia Systems, Pervasive/Ubiquitous Computing, Smart Cities, Cloud Computing, Health/Medical IS, eLearning, Computer Education

    Springer New York
    Tel.: +1 212-460-1607

  • Melissa Fearon

    Melissa Fearon

    Senior Editor, Journals
    Computer Science - Machine Learning, Data Mining, Genetic Programming, Multi-Agent Systems, Web/Internet Technologies, Databases, Robotics, Computer Vision

    Springer New York
    Tel.: + 1 781 244-7922

  • IMG_1936

    Susan Lagerstrom-Fife

    Senior Editor, Books
    Computer Science- Security and Privacy, Cybersecurity, Databases, Data Mining, Deep Learning, AI, Data Science, GIS and Networks

    Springer New York
    Tel.: +1 978 328-8143