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Swati Meherishi

Swati Meherishi

Editorial Director Engineering, Materials Science, Energy, Water, Climate
Springer New Delhi

7th Floor, Vijaya Building, 17, Barakhamba Road
110 001 New Delhi

About Me

With nearly 14 years of publishing engineering books and journals , I am now leading the Asia Pacific (ex China) books program for Engineering and Applied Sciences. I am happy to help our authors from the region connect to the right editors in our program. My personal book program spans across engineering subjects and disciplines. And I am specially interested in civil engineering, materials science, smart systems and devices, energy systems, chemical engineering, and industrial engineering. I am also a champion for the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs 2030) and all aspects of sustainability, climate and water. Interested authors, conference organisers, and co-publishing partners can reach out to me via email.


81st EAGE Conference and Exhibition, ExCeL Centre, London

3-6 June 2019. 47th North American Manufacturing Research Conference, Erie, PA., USA

10-14, June 2019. ASME IDETC/CIE, Anaheim, CA., 18-21 August 2019.

Book Series

Springer Transactions in Civil and Environmental Engineering