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P_Sinem Toksabay

Sinem Toksabay

Associate Editor Chemistry (German Language), Organic Chemistry & Catalysis (English Language)
About Me:

Sinem Toksabay studied chemistry and completed her Master's degree in (physical) chemistry at the Middle East Technical University in Turkey. In 2017, she moved to Germany to pursue a PhD in the Organic Chemistry Department at the University of Würzburg. Her research focused on synthesizing graphene type big molecules and identifying their self-assembled properties using scanning tunneling microscopy. After receiving her degree in August 2021 she spent two years as a scientific associate in a consulting company before joining Springer Nature in 2023 as an Associate Editor for the German and English language Chemistry book portfolio.

Book Series:

Studienbücher Chemie
Topics in Organometallic Chemistry
Topics in Heterocyclic Chemistry

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