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Robinson dos Santos

Robinson Nelson dos Santos

Senior Editor Mathematics
Springer São Paulo

Av. Brigadeiro Faria Lima no. 1309 – 2o andar
Pinheiros – SP – CEP 01452-002

+55 11 99172-2850

Pure and Applied Mathematics

Industrial Mathematics

Computational Mathematics

Mathematical Modeling

About Me

The various applications of Mathematics are at the core of my publishing program, which also embraces Proceedings volumes and original book series (please check the full list below). My professional background includes years of experience in computing, teaching, technical writing, and journalism. Attention will be given to the particularities and needs of Authors from Latin America and Portuguese-speaking countries.

Book Series

Algorithms and Computation in Mathematics

CIM Series in Mathematical Sciences

CMM Series in Mathematical

Modeling Contributions in Mathematical and Computational Sciences

IMPA Monographs

Latin American Mathematics Series - UFSCar subseries

Mathematics in Industry

Mathematics of Planet Earth Problem

Books in Mathematics

SBMAC SpringerBriefs in Mathematics

SpringerBriefs in Statistics - ABE (Brazilian Statistical Association) subseries 

Springer Proceedings in Mathematics & Statistics

STEAM-H: Science, Technology, Engineering, Agriculture, Mathematics & Health